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House and bathroom renovation

House 8 Years old, the customer kept getting blocked drains.

Plumber left the test plug used to test drain when first built inside the pipe.

Plumbing running backwards?

Customer allways wondered why his drains were so slow

 A new Toilet connected with a storm water pipe.

This customers sewer tie was over 4 meters deep

Tree roots in the toilet line as it comes out of the house.

A huge Boomer hanged around all day in Hackett.

Evatt school toilet block which was constantly blocking up, riddled with tree roots, Haven't been back to this one for over 2 years


f (2).jpg

           This certainly isn't installed correctly


Sign embedded in a wall I saw in the Philippines


Not much water could get through this storm water drain, riddled with tree roots over 4 meters long


Adding on a new ensuite.


2 new Bathrooms on a block of 11 unit at the Buddhist center in Lyneham


Suspended Drainage for a new bathroom upstairs in Griffith


Extra hand basins for some additional doctors rooms in Conder


             Some pretty fancy plumbing here


This is actually a great idea, little bit hard to get the electric eel into the drain. Just make sure its overflow is 150mm below finished floor level inside the house.


Not looking while I was reversing and dropped the excavator down the hole.


Someone took the bath out and tiled over everything. Then this customer rented the house out to a young family with kids so we installed this free standing bath and tap. Looks fantastic.


Paint is not an approved water pipe insulation against the freezing mornings we get here in Canberra.


Me and my plumbing engineer are still complexed as to why some plumber put this extra connection between drain lines which are connected again 2 meters to the left of the picture. To some who know a little about plumbing rules, No is not a distance and venting issue.


Drinking fountains at a school


To the customers who wish to open a take away shops always ask the owner of the building have they got sufficient sized grease arrestors. 


Infants drinking fountains and bottle re-filler


Bathroom and laundry renovation


After years and years of her garage being flooded out I certainly stopped that with this huge 200mm by 250mm channel.

h (2).jpg

Tree root have climbed all the way under the house to find water from a leaking shower.

It might of been a beautiful bathroom make over but unless you fix the pipes first it can be a total waste of money. 

Standard toilet but too low for the older people in the house so raised it with this high seat they were so pleased with the result

Compression fittings or kincos joins under a house these hot water lines had been leaking for years with electrical bills around $7000 each year. Just don't do it to a customer

Check your flexi hose under your sinks vanity's and toilets if there starting to look like these have them changed before you get flooded out. I have seen damaged house's, units and shops from a few thousand dollars to $140,000 such a tiny little thing can cause's so much heart ache
Blockages that needed to be dug up, no matter what force you use with the elec eel sometimes you just can not get through them.
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