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Costs for Service and Labor


    Minimum cost to attend a property to either work or advise on plumbing issues is $192.00 which covers the first 30 minutes.

Then $82.00 per 30 minutes or part there of.

Note: While most plumbing work can be quoted, customers need to be aware there are sometimes unforeseen problems at a job which require extra materials and labor. Any unforeseen work I will bring to your attention if possible and will be at charge up rates as above.

Plumbing Maintenance: I do not quote plumbing maintenance as there are just too many unforeseen problems. Maintenance is at charge up rates as above plus materials.


Blocked drains using the electric eel is a minimum of $330.00  Which covers the first 45 minutes then $82.00 per 30 minutes thereafter. (see blocked drains).





Toilet Repairs & Installations


    With the many hundreds of different styles and designs of toilets on the market these days it is now not as easy for the home owner to shoot down to the hardware store and grab the parts to fix them self.


While some do succeed it can often be very frustrating to actually get the thing apart without breaking something and even worse getting it back together and still have no leaks.


Price starts at $192 for the first 30 minutes plus parts of between $6 and $140 which is common, some do take longer depending on the problem.


If its not worth repairing I will advise you straight away before doing any work and try to come up with a good solution.


To install a new toilet suite it should cost no more than $438.00 plus any materials, materials could range between $20 and $120 providing the new toilet does not require the water inlet or outlet pipe to be moved to a new position.





Bathroom Renovation


   I do many bathroom renovations every year from a simple make over like renewing the tapware and installing a new toilet and vanity to a completely renovated and new bathroom.

So every job is different depending on the customers desire and budget.

We will need to discuss what you are trying to achieve then we can work out what and if any building work is required, who is to do the tiling and water proofing, the painting and an electrician is always required to do some work.

We can use your preferred tradesman or I can get the guys I work with to have a look and quote.





Kitchen Renovation


   The cost in renovating kitchens is between approx $700 to about $1800 all depending on how much changes and work involved.

As a guide only installing a sink is about $550 extra if pipes need to be moved, dish-washer $295, Range hood flue out through the roof between $620 to $680, fit off a gas cooktop $420.

Keep in mind if pipes are to be moved or new gas pipes are needed this would add to the cost.

Some jobs need to be looked at and/or disconnected prior to fitting off which require extra visits to the site so allow between $200 - $500.

New Homes


    I do 3 or 4 new house's every year but only for the home owner who is in control or is over seeing the project.

This way the customer gets what is best for them not what some builder thinks he can get away with as he tries to cut corners.


Every new house is different so we need to look at your plans onsite. Firstly to meet and I can get a feel of what you are trying to achieve. I will then get back to you with some questions and once answered I can then work out a quote.


With my experience the customer usually changes their mind a little during the build or would like to add a new fixture or new tap or change things around, this is not a problem and really does not add much to a quote if it is caught early, so don't stress about it and feel free to discuss anything you might have in mind. Even if we are late we can always work out some sort process to get you what you want.



Gutters and Down Pipes


Gutters should be cleaned out at least 2 times every year depending on what trees you have around you, to stop debris building up and blocking the down pipe and then blocking the drain pipes.


If the drains start filling with dirt and debris trying to put the electric eel down to clear becomes impossible and then it either needs to be dug up and renewed or we can run completely new drains.


Pits and channel are great ways to stop rubbish getting into the drain pipe, But note if they are not cleaned out at least once a year then the same problem occurs.


Once the down pipes are blocked the over flow starts to destroy your fascia and eaves then thing really do start to get expensive, so your not just up for the cost of the plumbing repairs but also builders and painters.


While I do help lots of my elderly customers with this if you can not do it your self I can or you can find a handy man to drop around regularly to do for you.


A few hundred dollars each year is well spent compared to completely repairing everything at many many thousands. Plus it devalues your property when you go to sell if it looks like there is trouble.


There are many things called gutter guard some very expensive to buy and install and some cheap.

I come across this all the time and personally the big metal ones that are expensive do exactly as some good heavy duty plastic ones that fit inside the gutter at 1/10 of the cost which are so much easier to remove clean the gutter and reinstall.


Note; gutter guard the name itself gives the customer false hope.

While it will stop you from needing to clean a roof gutters 2 times a year, every couple of years it still needs to be removed, gutters cleaned of fine silt and reinstalled.






Water Meters


   Icon do not like their water meters moved.

We are allowed to move a meter 1 meter so it is out of harm's way moving it further requires approvals.

It can be done but only after new plans have been drawn up and submitted to Icon and approved.

Once this has been done then a costing can be started depending on the conditions that have been set out by Icon.

New water meters need to go through the exact same process.

The homeowner can do all this work or I can do it for you at charge up rates.



Gas Meters- Domestic


   With every new gas meter the job requires to be looked at to determine what fixtures are to be connected so to determine what size meter will be supplied.

The first thing to do is start a application online with one of the gas suppliers.

Once an application has been submitted they will go to the site and then make an offer online.

Once a gas meter is installed then I can come in and do the gas lines and fixtures.


Note; All new gas meters, pipework and fixtures require an Actpla gas inspection and a certificate of compliance, approx $200 plus labour to book and have inspections.


Moving an existing gas meter requires the same process as above except the gas inspection as it can be done using a minor works certificate from Actpla about $35.


Water Pipe Repairs & Installations


   Burst pipes are very common from ground and house movement, bad workmanship or the pipes are exposed to the freezing conditions we have in Canberra.

Price wise this sort of work is maintenance and 

I do not quote maintenance.

Price starts at $192 plus materials for the first 30 minutes to what ever is required to complete the job.

A new garden tap etc I can quote you once looking at your site.





Blocked Drains, Sinks, Toilets, Sewer and Storm-water Pipes


   The cost to attend a blockage starts at $192 for the first 30 minutes and if the job requires the electric eel then this would change to the minimum cost of $330.00 which covers the first 45 minutes. After which is $82 per 30 minutes or part of.


Note: If a blocked drain can not be cleared within the first 1-1.5 hours then there is something much more major going on and we can discuss your options.


Note; There is a huge difference between a blocked sewer and a blocked storm-water drain because of the design of the pipes, the way they are connected together and their depths.


With both sewer and storm-water there is a 10% chance that the blockage is in Icons mains, if this is the case then the owner will not receive any invoice.

BUT to prove this, the owners tie or property connection needs to be brought to the surface for unrestricted access by Icon.

Once a tie has been brought to the surface Icon will determine if it is their responsibility or if it is the owners.


Note; The owner is completely responsible for payment and any costs to bring the tie to the surface unless Icon says they will take responsibility.

Even if there is a blockage in Icons mains If there were any blockages in the home owners drain they are responsible for this part of the costs.


Hint: It is well advised for the homeowner to have an up to date plan and any older copy's of their drainage plans onsite, sometime the job just can not be started until there is a plan onsite last thing you need is to be paying for my time to be getting these.

It can be obtained from Actpla Mitchell.

They prefer customers go online to order and pay, cost approx $35.

If we need it before we do your blocked drains this is the best option.



Replace or Install a Plumbing Fixture


    As a general guide, for a customer to work out a budget, if the customer allows approximately $450 to $600 per fixture to actually fit off.

Plus any costs of changing or adding pipework.


 They also need to take into account if the fixture is being moved to a new position or is it a completely new fixture which requires plumbing to and from it.

The customer also needs to keep in mind that some jobs require a minor or a full plumbing certificate, plumbing inspections which can range between $120 and $1100 all depending on what actually has been performed.


Commercial jobs which include shops, townhouse's, flats and units are even more expensive as approval can be between $3000 to

$3500 before any work has even started.

Very annoying but those are the rules in Canberra.

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